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The body is worn

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LiteriLand-Elite , first the story of a passionate man!

Creator of the LiteriLand-Elite LuxuryBeds concept, I like to share my values ​​and my know-how for the Essential and Universal cause that I decided to defend and promote: "Sleep"

I created my first Bedding Store in 1982. I discovered the tremendous power of True Bedding and its positive impact on our body. It's so important to our Quality of Life and Well-being that I've made this Master Litter business one of my daily priorities.

I'm inventing the LiteriLand-Elite concept to provide innovative solutions for optimal well-being.

My selection of Beds comes from multiple trips in search of manufacturers with common values. Today, they are our partners with an international reputation for their very high quality materials and high precision know-how combining tradition and innovation. LiteriLand-Elite is committed to providing you with unparalleled comfort and enjoyment in the greatest serenity with guarantees of up to 30 years!

Make each LiteriLand-Elite Showroom yours as well. To feel at home, like at home, it's my will.

I chose to share with you 3 values ​​that are dear to me:

- Conviviality : in our living room, enjoy a time of welcome and relaxation with flavor of the day.

- Experience : Touch, breathe, live the materials. Enjoy a multi-sensory experience in your SLEEP SPA: Light Therapy, Olfactive and Auditory Relaxation.

- Freedom : Test your comfort with hygiene values. Overshoes, charlotte and personal safe are reserved for you.

Your needs are listened to and recognized in our 5 moods :

- Hand sewn values ​​in the tradition and the respect of the artisanal know-how of the Master Upholsterer

- Handmade promotes the shaping of premium materials entirely by hand from the Master Litter

- Contemporary offers air comfort with innovative materials selected by the Artisan Upholsterer

- Deco highlights a selection of colors and upholstery fabrics of the Master Upholsterer

- Sleep Spa : my creation for your unique experience

I am proud and happy to share with you my passion for Sleeping Well in one of our LiteriLand-Elite showrooms.


Michel Arsac,

Master Litter since 1982